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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Battling seasonal depression

It's the time of year for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is also called the "Winter Blues." Research indicates that many people suffer bouts of depression in autumn and winter seasons because less sunlight is available. You can get your daily dose of vitamin A from sunlight, so it stands to reason that your vitamin A is depleted in autumn and winter. Autumn is a perfect time for you to complete the Custom Vitamin Shop questionaire.

Once you complete the questionaire, you will discover how a custom vitamin designed specifically for your "symptoms" is made exclusively for you. Every vitamin and mineral that your body is lacking will be supplemented in your daily vitamin. You will feel energized and ready to face those short days when your body is running like it should.

You don't have to suffer during the shorter days. Research indicates that if you turn on your lights and let them shine brightly, you can help decrease the effect of autumn and winter on your moods. Of course if your symptoms linger, you should discuss them with your family physician.

During the winter months, there is less fresh produce available and that affects your diet, which in turn can affect your bodies ability to absorb nutrition from overly processed foods. You can bolster your diet with custom vitamins and feel better year round. If you are ready to treat your body like a temple, then visit
The Custom Vitamin Shop.