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Friday, September 30, 2005

Feeding your muscles

Your body needs minerals as much as it needs vitamins to work at its optimum. Potassium is an essential mineral that helps your body function correctly in many ways. For example, when your muscles contract, potassium is at work helping keep your muscles in good shape and ready for the work.

Electrolytes and fluids are important for your body because you are more water than anything else. When your infant or child is ill, your doctor recommends that you provide lots of fluids and replace electrolytes with drinks like Pedialyte. This is also important for adults because your cells are told by electrolytes to release energy from protein, carbs and fats by the balance created when you have a sufficient amount of potassium in your body.

Your dermatologist might suggest an increase in potassium if you have excessively dry skin because dry skin as well as feeling over-tired and muscle fatigue are signs of potassium deficiency.

Inadequate amounts of potassium in your body are suspected to cause exacerbate arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. Exactly what can you do to increase your body's potassium? A good diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a good start. Dried apricots and bananas are the best fruit sources of potassium. The best vegetables that provide potassium are artichokes and asparagus. But what if you don't like these fruits and vegetables? The answer can be found at The Custom Vitamin Shop.

Health Advantage is the place to find custom vitamins. That's right! You can take your over the counter one vitamin fits all vitamins daily, but what if your body is lacking in specific vitamin and mineral compounds? That is where the professionals at The Custom Vitamin Shop come in. Upon completion of an extensive questionnaire, a vitamin and mineral combination exclusively for your body's needs is developed.

Once you begin your custom vitamin regimen, you will notice that your fatigue fades and you feel better overall. The Custom Vitamin Shop is waiting to help you feel your best and you will as soon as you complete the questionnaire and have your custom vitamins shipped to you. Make today the day that your health becomes the most important concern in your life. When you feel your best, you will give your family, friends and job your best.